Hundreds of years have passed since the empire of the First Elves fell- humanity's uprising, supported by the various demihuman and monstrous races, shattered what all thought would be the eternal society. Now ruins litter the landscape, pure white stone a stark contrast to the wilderness that has sprung up in absence of the First Elves' order. 

Today's elves have little knowledge of their progenitors- high, wood and dark elves maintain relations with one-another in a shared Court, but without their progenitors they are an aimless peoples- adrift in a world that moves on without them. 

Human gods have taken a place where only the First Elves occupied- houses of worship; Aurelios and Kaxtros are first among them, their Saints and Harrows answering the prayers of the faithful. The First Elves are spoken of as living gods- caretakers of the land's people, be they deserving elf, servile human or industrious dwarf. 

Can humans and their gods protect themselves from the horrors that await in the shadow of the First Elves' passing, or will they cry out for help from their former masters?